In a time where the genre suffers from insufficient representation, it’s extremely refreshing to find artistry that stays true to its roots. Joaquin developed his passion for music at an early age from his father who was a drummer in a well known gospel band. Born and raised in the 80’s when R&B reigned supreme, Joaquin Musick was bitten by the genre’s love bug and refuses to shake it and turn his back. Interesting enough, he maintains the original feel of R&B while simultaneously satisfying today’s music fans with a hint of what’s current. With a steady growing discography, he continues to find that special place inside that touches the hearts of true R&B lovers, while, burning down stages, and building excitement and anticipation with every single aspect of his career.

IntroJ.O.A.Q.U.I.N. (feat. Tiffany Elle)MedicineExploreHell of a NightSex Under the InfluenceChoke and StrokeGonna BeWhere Would I Be (feat. Tiffany Elle)Found the OneI Need ItMade for MeLeavin'F.U.C.K. LoveSticky (Skit)Sticky Situation, Pt. II (feat. Tiffany Elle)God Can You Hear Me (G.C.Y.H.M.)